Record Redux: Overview

The 'Record Redux' series is a genre-breaking line of books detailing the canons of 14 diverse female artists and groups in popular music spanning various genres and decades. Author Quentin Harrison’s unique writing style can be best described as “academic pop,” combining contextual commentary of the music itself balanced with statistical information on the material. It’s an approach that elevates the level of discourse around pop music, inviting readers to appreciate these catalogs through a more sophisticated lens.

Thoroughly researched and spirited in tone, Harrison’s holistic and passionate approach to reviewing artists’ musical journeys captivates longtime fans and critical peers.

Harrison draws focus on musical legacies that are lacking critical perspective or misunderstood to the public at large; he seeks to re-frame their critical narrative by giving comprehensive attention to every commercial single and album release by the artist. Harrison presents these discographies in a chronological format that is smart, streamlined and full of surprising discoveries for the reader.

The design layout is crisp, clean and pops with its use of color, all of which orbits the thematic energy of the featured artist or group. The book’s design, including the signature cover art, is rendered by Harrison’s colleague and creative director Paul Wolski of Alter Ego Pop Art, who brings visual excitement to the 'Record Redux' series.

Beyond its design, the physical size of the book is equally appealing, a deliberate choice by Harrison to package the entire series as a set of portable, reader-friendly volumes. The book’s content structure and organized flow allows readers to either follow chronologically or go out of sequence to specific albums and singles. Ultimately, Harrison hopes that these combined features will engage readers and inspire them to rediscover, listen to and collect the music of these influential artists.

'Record Redux' Line-Up

  1. Spice Girls: Book available now!
  2. Carly Simon: Book available now!
  3. Donna Summer: Book available December 2017
  4. Madonna: Book available August 2018
  5. Sheena Easton
  6. Janet Jackson
  7. The '70s Supremes
  8. Kim Wilde
  9. Kylie Minogue
  10. Sister Sledge
  11. Teena Marie
  12. Gloria Estefan
  13. Joan Armatrading
  14. Bananarama

'Record Redux: Carly Simon' is the first book of its kind devoted to the study and review of Simon’s vast body of work, spanning five decades. Contrary to most conversations, Harrison looks beyond the 1970s nostalgia typically associated with Simon and explores her broad canon of music, from staple hits to eventual standards recordings and scoring accomplishments. The aim is to re-contextualize and reintroduce Carly Simon in a deeper way to fans and critics alike.

'Record Redux: Carly Simon' features a robust catalog of every commercial album and single release, combining statistical information with critical synopses from Harrison that help shed light on how Simon continued to redefine the singer-songwriter model.

Full-color photography of Simon’s singles and albums are complemented by crisp, eye-catching book design from graphic designer and cover illustrator Paul Wolski. Harrison’s efforts received an early nod of approval from writer Jack Mauro, who penned the liner notes on Simon’s 2002 hits anthology and her most recent record Never Been Gone (2009), as he wrote the foreword to Harrison’s book.

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