'Record Redux: Donna Summer' Elevates and Educates!

Hello all! I'm so happy to pen this entry! Book Three! It's a milestone and I couldn't have been happier to make the focus of this entry Donna Summer. She's an amazing lady.

For me, this is probably the most important book of the entire 14 series run. I say that because no other artist is as misunderstood or underappreciated as Donna Summer. It's truly my sincerest hope that after you finish this installment, that you'll walk away with a broader appreciation for Donna's musical story.

As it relates to the series on the whole, three books in two years is quite a feat. I dreamed, but never imagined making it a reality so quickly. Thank you to each person who has supported me and purchased my books.

As always, more to come! Be sure to get your digital copies of 'Record Redux: Donna Summer' and the preceding volumes today! - QH

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