'Record Redux: Madonna' Goes to the Next Level!

I'm happy to extend the warmest welcome to both longtime and new readers respectively!

'Record Redux: Madonna' is the fourth entry in my "Record Redux Series" and likely the boldest one yet.

For me, Madonna is an artist primed for what my book line does best: resetting the tone of the conversation around said artist and their output. As has been the case since her appearance on the music scene in 1982, Madonna's discography has often been overtaken by various controversies, some of Madonna's own making, and it disguises a canon rich with sonic treasures.

This book is a first in many ways, primarily in that it focuses solely on the content of Madonna's albums; additionally, 'Record Redux: Madonna' is the first book about the singer-songwriter-producer to be penned by an African-American. The latter perspective brings something new to the table never before seen!

I'm hoping you'll enjoy what you read and stay on board for further entries in the "Record Redux Series," thank you! - QH