'Record Redux: Spice Girls' Takes on the World!

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'Record Redux: Spice Girls' is truly the first of its kind, a book that details the entire musical trajectory of one of the greatest girl groups of all time! It is also the inaugural book in the 'Record Redux' line-up. The 'Record Redux' books are discography reference guides highlighting various female musicians. Currently, the series is set for 12 books.

Returning back to 'Record Redux: Spice Girls' itself, this book has something for the devout Spice fan and those curious of their legacy past "Wannabe." Every single, album and b-side recorded by the group and individually is included. Alongside chart, certification and songwriter / producer data, there is sharp commentary on these recordings. There is an extensive timeline and foreword from British music journalist David Sinclair too!

Snatch up your digital copy of this book today and enjoy! - QH